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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Opera 10 - The Preferred Browser

It's been a while since my last post. Not because I not seen amazing stories worth posting but I wanted one that blew my mind and I sure hope will interest you, my dear reader.

A whole lot of people use different browsers to access the interesting world of the web - I for one, have four major browsers known to man. Mozilla Firefox, the "compulsory" Internet Explorer, Chrome and last but not the least Opera. If you are already an Opera user, you might relate completely to all the ravings I'm about to give to this amazing portal to the rich digital world.

I initially hated the interface of the Opera browsers I came across until I stumbled on Opera 10.52. "Wow" was the only word coming out of my mouth for the next half hour or so after I installed it on my Windows 7 machine. Let's take a closer look at the different killer points I noticed off the bat.

1. The new interface is so cool and it looks like a cross between Google's Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The tabs for different open sites reminds you of Chrome while the navigation of these open tabs comes with the fluidity of Firefox.

2. Turbo. Is your internet speed slow? Just turn on Turbo speed. This feature reduces load on the webpage you are accessing and opens the page much faster. Of course, the trade off is always going to be the quality of images on the web page. But who cares about the quality when you don't have to keep staring are the computer waiting for a page to load.

3. Unite. Turn your PC into a file server and web server (you can even launch a website) and share it with either the public (I don't advice that!) or specific guests.

4.Using special web skins is not proprietary to Opera and their approach is not even top notch (check Firefox for that!) but it is there nonetheless.

5. Speed dial. Google tool bar gives your browser the ability to create mini pictures of your most visited sites when you click on the new tab button. You don't need to install Google tool bar to enjoy this feature. And, oh, you can configure what ever site you want to see on your "little website boxes" thus the name speed dial.

These and other really cool features are yours for the taking when using Opera 10.52.

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