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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Google Buzz Summary

"After all my darling has done, one small stumble and I am ready to disown her?"

Google, might be in a position to ask this foregoing question to the general public and, maybe through the media that has been merciless in the conveyance of the strong strong sour taste that Buzz has left in people's taste buds.

I love Google! I am the one who redirected all my Yahoo! mails to Gmail just to enjoy the efficiency of the latter after being weighed down by the clumsiness of the former. I also dumped my Internet Explorer for Chrome for about the same reason. (Although, I have switched back to Mozilla Firefox due to frequent crashes on my Vista machine. Picasa, Google desktop are some of the many little pleasures I enjoy just by befriending the now giant company.

However, the outcry of breach in the last strand of the sense of security that people had in the Google system is disintegrating. I love the article that BBC wrote on the subject. In it you get the sense that the outcry is really blown out of proportion. Sure, Google might have slipped up a bit, but come on, "unless you were working for the Iranian or the Chinese government," really you had nothing to worry about. But swift as they always are on matters arising, Google have long jumped in to make the corrections needed.

This article might be seen as a propaganda for Google, but I believe that the motto: "Don't be evil" that Google adopted early in their business is still guiding them. That been said, it only remains for them to redeem their name by adapting their innovation to suit the mood of the market and to placate the crying voices that have risen and threatening to drown out every good that might have been done with Buzz.\

I thought I had ended this post only to go online and found the latest on the subject. Great is Google. In a matter of days they have successfully launched the patches. Here is what they've done:
1. Created a tab for Buzz under Settings in Gmail.
2. You can now choose to not show Buzz from Gmail.
3. You can now choose to disable Buzz completely (but why should you?).
4. Find out more for yourself.

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