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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Two Words Bill Gates Hates to Hear!

We are here once again to tug at the hem of your technological skirt. Why? Because, if you are a tech follower like me, you would like to know what the next new wave and hurricane is going to go down.

Now, I am no hater of the man many consider a genius. I happen to think that he is worth learning, at least his modes of operation. He has accomplished a great deal! In fact, like I wrote somewhere else, he has managed to build an empire and what it would take most people two life times to accomplish.

However, the world of technology must move on. Yes, I said it. How can technology and computer in particular move on without Uncle Bill? Well, various companies (and from the article I read, three companies in particular) have already started the bold confrontation to a Windows world.

So what are the two words? Try. Tell me what you think.

Ha ha! I wouldn't have left without letting you know. Come on, I'm not that bad. The words are "Cloud computing." So what is cloud computing and who and what is leading the march on to this new horizon?

The answers to this we will begin exploring in the next post so keep your eyes here. Or better still, bookmark this page and come back to it in the near future. I'll be letting you know two of the companies leading the march (sorry, I didn't get the third one).

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