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Friday, 11 December 2009

Google goes into Twitter, Facebook

The things that Google does no longer surprises us as they constantly unleash their power and ability to evolve.

Their latest offering being 'real-time' search involves showing, on the search page, relevant comments on the keyword searched for as they appear in near real time in social network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

Let's say you type into the google "Obama nobel" when searching for information on the Nobel Peace price awarded the United State President, Barack Obama, there will be a small section on the search result carrying tweets and near real-time posts on the web around the world on this topic. (Try it now by going to Google!)

Whatever your take on this newest addition to the google suite may be, it doesn't take away the fact that Google is alive and strong and is poised to remain leaders in the search industry. Bing (Microsoft's search engine) and Yahoo search, it appears, have similar offerings but popular opinion is that the live search from Google beats them hands-down.

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