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Monday, 18 September 2017

Where to buy your next printer and toner

September 18, 2017 0
Where to buy your next printer and toner

As you know, the toner market in Lagos is a very delicate one filled with landmines almost at every turn. Many people have lost money or machine or both to the use of the wrong toner or ink cartridge. While for some the decision to use refill or a counterfeit product was deliberate, for others it was something to were sold to as the real deal.

It's always painful to fall victim of such unscrupulous sales men. In this post I try to help you avoid such chaos.

We are affiliated to TonerPlace, a one-stop spot for toner needs and print supplies. This also includes sales of printers and copiers at the most competitive prices. One of the best features of their service is that you can seat in your home office or at work and place an order for your toners and receive it in a timely manner. This applies whether you are leaving in Lagos or Abuja or Bayelsa or Benue. They always get the product to their customers.

I should know. I co-founded the business.

The reason I recommend them is they just then sell you products. They talk you through  the process. And if there is any issue with the toners ordered, you are not left in the cold. They offer product exchange if there's a product  defect or return your money if you think you didn't get what you requested and there's no way of getting it.

Don't take my word for it, go ahead and try them out for your next toner replacement. Whether it is HP toner cartridges or Sharp, Brother, Samsung, or less known supplies for Kyocera, Riso, Xerox. Stop dealing with people who leave you out in the cold.

Thank me later.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Success in Solving I.T. Problems

September 14, 2017 0
Success in Solving I.T. Problems

Many times I get clients who call for solutions to a nagging problem I.T. wise. Often when they call they are flustered and overwhelmed at the seemingly magnitude of the problem. We attend to them and every time leave them smiling.

The issues range from one end of the I.T. spectrum to the other. They call talking really fast about how...

The network printer all of a sudden has refused to receive print jobs from the computers connected to the same network.

Their new laptop has frozen up and is not responding to anything.

The computer is making a sharp noise when they put it on or the computer is not coming on at all.

They are no longer receiving or able to send email from Outlook or iPhone.

Or there is a need to buy certain quantity of laptops and the right one for the task.

Or they want a new website.

The list goes on. I'm not going to say that the solutions to these various problems are always easy but 98% of the time, we solve the problem. Many times cheaper than what the client thought. And we do it in a no-hassle, friendly and quick way.

If you ask me to recommend someone to deal with your I.T. problems, personal or corporate, I don't know who to refer you to that will treat your problem with deep probing and proffer deep solution like we do. I am the best at what I do that I know of. 

Let's help your business today. Call 0806 781 3738.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Buy brand new computers for less than market value

September 11, 2017 0
Buy brand new computers for less than market value

Let's admit it: buying items for less than the perceived value is very attractive to a lot of people - if not all people. There's something gratifying when we find out that we are buying a product less than what some other persons paid for it. Laptops are not an exception.

There's a little know secret to the larger public, that you can buy laptops for less when you buy the free DOS option. What's free DOS option? Glad you asked. Most laptops use Windows operating system, Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 or Windows 10. The latest of this lot is Windows 10 and it is gaining ground on the older versions in terms of market acceptance.

The thing is that laptop manufacturers (Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc) pay Microsoft some amount of money to have Windows OS installed on their machines. The manufacturers have an option of just making the machine and not add the popular Windows OS on it. Leaving the customer the choice of what operating system to install. These types of PCs are sold some good amounts cheaper than the ones that come with operating systems.

Unfortunately, not a lot of high-end laptops come without operating systems installed but you can get it in entry level and some mid range as well as desktop computers. So the onus lies on you to get the right operating system installed or you can get a professional to help you navigate the murky waters of software in Nigeria. Unless you are experienced in this endeavour, you do need professional to guide you because of counterfeits, multiple versions of operating systems with their different capabilities.

Do give us a call on 0806 781 3738 or send us an email if you need help sorting this out. Use the form on our contact page.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Save guard your investment: duplicate your workstation software.

September 07, 2017 0
Save guard your investment: duplicate your workstation software.

No, not that exercise we all know is important but never get around to doing until the computer just stops working one morning. As important as that one is, and we need to do it, this one is slightly different and is even more critical for organizations or individuals.

We spend tons of money purchasing a laptop or desktop or server and a few years down the line or even in rare cases a few months down the line there is a massive hardware failure. There is a power surge or theft and all is lost. Regular backup of files and folders will give you a head start with the saved files but what about all the license keys to your various pieces of software? Did you spend 640,000 naira on that special graphic design software? Did they have a way to activate a new installation online? No? Well, tough luck.

What about the Windows license, the Microsoft Office license? Did you write them down somewhere? Did you even know where to find the license key for Windows? (See how to do that by the way)


You can save yourself the trouble and create a snapshot, as it were, of your computer and storing it in a storage system of your choice where it can be kept for situations described above. It is also useful when you want to simply upgrade your hard drive size or the current hard drive is slowing down. This system brings you back online in a shorter time than any other method.

How does it work?

  1. To start, you need to have an external hard drive (if you have many PCs you want to make a back up of, get a huge one - 2 TB). Good thing hard drives are not very expensive any more. If you need one, contact us.
  2. Get the software to help you do the work.
  3. Set up point 1 the way point 2 instructs and is designed to work
  4. Wait for it to finish
  5. Repeat for all concerned PCs
That's it! You have just saved yourself loads of money in licenses and a ton of time in downtime. The good thing about this method is that you get your software and your documents backed up in one fell swoop. Let me know how it goes for you. If you need a professional to do this for you, give us a ring (see our contact page).

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Save yourself tons of money: buy sound used laptops

September 06, 2017 0
Save yourself tons of money: buy sound used laptops
This is a HP Probook 4530s laptop. It spots a core i3 processor and can take up to 8GB RAM. The hard drive capacity depends on the buyer's taste. It goes for 85,000 naira. A brand new laptop with similar specification can easily go for double that price in the region of 160,000.

My mantra is that you don't need to break the bank to have quality I.T. equipment like laptops and even phones. I use a 2013 Dell Latitude E6330 laptop. It's a beast. The processor is an Intel Core i7 and I currently support that with a 6GB RAM. That can go as high as 32GB may be. I have been using this laptop for about 3 years now and the most I've worked on it was changing the old battery.

I can run CorelDraw X6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, a million tabs open in Chrome, Firefox at once, while Skype and Microsoft Excel are also open. Spotify could also be playing in the background and this laptop will not flinch or break sweat. Try that with your HP 250 with Intel Celeron or AMD based laptops.

New laptops, depending on quality, will eventually give out when they are used consistently on an average of 5 years. If it's an entry level laptop, which comes in Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive, you may enjoy it for like 3 years but all the while not giving your the performance a professional laptop like my E6330 will give you.

The point of this post is to let you know there are options. Especially for a power user who wants to buy a laptop that can deliver on power and speed but can't afford a brand new one. We can get your one used one that can stand the test of time. If you are a power user or just a light user, you will also have options. You can decide you want a laptop with keyboard light or NVIDIA graphics or a core i7 laptop and you won't have to pay anything near the price of a new one. All you will have to lose is the smell of a brand new toy and the packaging and the smell (that disappears after a few days).

So do you want one, you can reach me on any of the social media channels or our contact page. We can deliver products across the country. Subscribe to get the best tips, first.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Know how to stop using up all of your smartphone data now.

September 05, 2017 0
Know how to stop using up all of your smartphone data now.

(As seen on
YOU KNOW THOSE texts from your carrier informing you that you've almost blown through your mobile data allotment? Of course you do. You receive them every month. Which means it's time to make some changes. Sure, you could switch to an unlimited data plan, but those can be costly. Instead, take control of your data destiny by tweaking a few phone settings and recalibrating your media consumption.

1. Adjust Your System-Wide Settings

Smartphones ship with default settings, some of which are over-reliant on cellular data. Left unchanged, those settings can cause your phone to slurp up all of your plan's allowed data even if you're swiping and tapping conservatively. Find the following settings and change them. (You should change them even if you're on an unlimited plan—use too much data and your carrier can throttle your connection, making pages and apps load at a mind-numbingly slow pace.)
  • If you're on iOS, first turn off Wi-Fi assist. This feature automatically switches your phone to a cellular data connection when your Wi-Fi connection is poor.
  • Your apps might also be updating over cellular data, which can burn through your allotment pretty quickly. Turn off automatic app updates under the iTunes and App Store settings.
  • Your next move should be to make sure your photos only backup to iCloud when you're on Wi-Fi. Jump into the Cellular page in Settings, scroll down to the Photos app, and toggle the slider to off. While you're there, you can see which apps are using the most data. Turn off cellular data for your worst offenders and any other apps that don't need it.
  • If you've already done all that and are still just squeezing by until your next billing cycle, go into the settings for individual apps and turn off "background app refresh."This stops apps from keeping their feeds up to date even when you're not looking at them.
  • Android users have a couple extra options, and won't have to do as much fine-tuning to keep pesky apps in check. The first—and best—thing to do is set a data usage limit on your Android. This will stop you from going over your plan's allotment, and you won't have to tweak any other settings. Go into your Android phone's Settings, tap on Data Usage, set the duration to match your monthly billing cycle, then toggle the sliders for the limit and warning.Quick tip: If you're on a family plan, set your limit a bit below your threshold to because you probably won't be the only one using the data (even though you wish you could be).
  • When you know you're close to hitting your limit, turn on Data Saver Mode.With this on, apps will either switch into low-data mode or no-data mode, and you can control which apps can tap into your data.

2. Get Your Apps in Gear

Even with all of those system-wide settings turned on, you've probably got some data-intensive apps that can zap your monthly data.
  • Bingeing on streaming media is the quickest way to hit your cap. If you use a music-streaming service, save your favorite albums and playlists for offline access, then stick to those tunes on your long commute. Spotify users beware—you can only save 3,333 songs offline, so if you're a music glutton, you'd be better off with Google Play Music or Apple Music.
  • Avid podcast listeners know those episode downloads can add up. Podcast apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts can be set up to download the latest episodes of your favorite shows whenever you connect to Wi-Fi, and you can disable downloads over cellular data.
  • Videos are a sure way to hit your limit, so download as much as you can for offline viewing. Netflix lets you locally store much of its catalog, but some titles are restricted to streaming. With YouTube Red ($10 per month), you can download as many videos as your phone can handle, and you get a subscription to Google Play Music at no extra charge as well.
  • Using your phone for navigation can ding your data pretty hard. Google Maps and Apple Maps let you download maps and routes for offline use.Save that data for something more important, like posting your lunch on Instagram.
  • Just browsing the web strains your data; web pages with large images and scripts that load in the background can get deceptively weighty. You can save a local copy of longer stories using apps like Pocket and Instapaper. Then you can read the article on your commute without having to open your browser. To save more data, disable auto-play videos on Facebook and Instagram, and swap your Twitter app for Twitter Lite, which is a more data-friendly experience. It works through the web browser, and it's far less image- and video-intensive than the regular app.
  • On Android, the Google Chrome browser has Data Saver,which compresses web pages on Google's servers before loading them onto your phone. It's a bit flakey for sites that use HTTPS (the very same protocol Google itself is pushing developers to adopt) but the feature can still save you some data downloads.

3. Keeping Tabs

Still worried you're missing something? Download an app to track your data usage. Your carrier probably offers an app (or a page on its website) that shows how much data you have left for the month, but there are better ways to do it.
  • On Android, there's My Data Manager. It tells you which apps are hogging your data, suggests data plan limits that suit your behavior, and sets alarms that trigger when you're about to go over.
  • iPhone users can try Smartapp, which will track your overall usage, show you trends over time, and run speed tests when you suspect you're being throttled.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Changes planned to make the next iPhone even better.

September 02, 2017 0
Changes planned to make the next iPhone even better.

What’s New in the iPhone 8
Source: Bloomberg

Apple Inc. plans to transform the way people use its next high-end iPhone by eliminating the concept of a home button and making other adjustments to a flagship device that’s becoming almost all screen, according to images of the new device viewed by Bloomberg News and people familiar with the gadget.

The home button is the key to the iPhone and the design hasn’t changed much since it launched in 2007. Currently, users click it to return to the starting app grid that greets them multiple times a day. They hold it down to talk to the Siri digital assistant. Double click it and you get multitasking where different apps screens can be swiped through like a carousel.

Apple is preparing three new iPhones for debut next month. One of the models, a new high-end device, packs in enough changes to make it one of the biggest iPhone updatesin the product’s decade-long history. With a crisper screen that takes up nearly the entire front, Apple has tested the complete removal of the home button—even a digital one—in favor of new gesture controls for tasks like going to the main app grid and opening multitasking, according to the people and the images.

The new iPhone dock will be similar to the dock feature on iOS 11 for iPad shown here.

In the new, high-end iPhone, Apple also plans a taller screen with rounded corners, a cutout at the top of the display for the camera and sensors, and new antenna locations, the images show. Apple often tests different designs and the details may differ from what the company ultimately releases. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

Across the bottom of the screen there’s a thin, software bar in lieu of the home button. A user can drag it up to the middle of the screen to open the phone. When inside an app, a similar gesture starts multitasking. From here, users can continue to flick upwards to close the app and go back to the home screen. An animation in testing sucks the app back into its icon. The multitasking interface has been redesigned to appear like a series of standalone cards that can be swiped through, versus the stack of cards on current iPhones, the images show.

The new model’s overall size will be similar to that of the iPhone 7, but it will include an OLED screen that is slightly larger than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inches), people familiar with the product have told Bloomberg News. The phone will have symmetrical, slim bezels around the entirety of the screen, meaning the area below the screen that used to house the home button and the area above the screen for the earpiece have been removed. The earpiece, facial recognition sensor, and selfie camera are instead present in a cutout, or “notch,” at the top of the screen, the images show.

The new screen is rounded on the corners, while current iPhone screens have square corners. The power button on the right side of phone is longer so it is easier to press while holding the device in one hand, according to the images and the people.

The screen is also noticeably taller than the iPhone 7 Plus’s screen, meaning it could show more of a web page or additional text messages, the people said. The phone will still have six vertical rows of apps, showing 24 icons on each page, excluding the dock, a grey bar at the bottom that houses commonly used apps. The dock is redesigned with a new interface similar to the one on the iPad version of iOS 11, the images show.

(As seen on Bloomberg Tech)
Apple has opted to not hide the notch area at the top of the screen, showing a definitive cutout at the top of apps with non-black backgrounds. The cutout is noticeable during app usage in the middle of the very top of the screen, where the status bar (the area that shows cellular reception, the time, and battery life) would normally be placed, according to the images. Instead, the status bar will be split into left and right sides, which some Apple employees call “ears” internally. In images of recent test devices, the left side shows the time while the area on the right side of the notch displays cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity and remaining battery life. Because of limited space, the status bar could change based on the task at hand, according to a person familiar with the testing.

The color reproduction of the OLED screen means that when the display shows black, it blends in nearly perfectly with the phone’s notch and thin black edges on the front, presenting a seamless look, according to the people familiar with the product. The screen itself, however, is flat like current and past iPhones and lacks the fully curved displays of the latest Samsung phones.

Apple also plans to include a stainless steel band around the phone which the glass curves into. The steel band has small antenna cuts on the corners like past iPhones to improve reception, the images show. Apple previously used steel sides and a glass casing for the iPhone 4 and 4s before moving to a mostly metal back and sides with the iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 line and newer have had completely metal backs.

Apple also is planning two additional new iPhone models that use faster processors, but include the same screens as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new devices will debut at Apple’s September launch event alongside upgraded Apple TV and Apple Watch models.

Friday, 1 September 2017

If you are not using inverters, plan to start quickly!

September 01, 2017 0
If you are not using inverters, plan to start quickly!

My inverter has saved me tons of money in energy cost.

Most people know what inverters are and what they do. In case you missed it, inverters are devices used to convert direct current (d.c) to alternating current (a.c) that is safe for use in majority of equipment used in Nigeria. The regular set up is power is stored in wet or dry cell batteries when there's external power from power distribution companies. These batteries when charged return stored power through the inverter to the household connected during a power outage.

Well, besides the plenty grammar above, you will have power to use when there's no power in your neighbours house next door. And this is done noiselessly and without pollution to the air caused by generator carbon emission.

Why do more people not use inverters?

They are expensive to set up initially. There's no mincing words on that. The average inverter costs about 90k (naira) for a 2.0kva device. This 2.0kva machine can support up to four 200AH batteries. For a household of 5 people in a standard 3 bedroom apartment, 4 batteries can supply power for more than 2 days straight if the load is light. The heavier the load (like 42 inches LED TV, with 1000 watts home theatre, industrial standing fan, multiple 60 watts bulbs), the shorter the batteries will last.

A single 200AH battery can cost up to 120k for either wet or dry cell depending on brand. I have used dry cell and I'm currently using wet cell. Apart from having to store the wet cell outdoors (not inside your living quarters because of the invisible fumes when it's charging), it is better than the dry cell. It lasts longer and when it's storing capacity starts waning, you just change the liquid to get back it's power. Once dry cell weakens, it's gone for good.

How to get into this cost saving thing.

My neighbourhood receives on the average 12 hours public power supply. Most times that's enough to store 24 hours of power in two 200AH batteries if you are not watching a full seasons of your favourite TV shows.

If shelling out 350,000 naira in one swoop is not your cup of tea, you can break down the process into may be 2 or 3 tranches. First, get the invert device (right now prices are down again due to reduced exchange rates - when it was 490k to the dollar, a 2.0kva inverter would easily go for around 150k). Next get batteries. Then get solar panels, if you are adding it to your energy mix (I haven't got panels right now cause I don't find it super necessary right now plus, I'm still in rental).

Note that solar panels will help you charge your batteries even when there's no power or generator. I charge my batteries using a generator when there's a long stretch of no public power supply. The generator has to be a high capacity one if it is to power the inverter.

Once all the pieces are together, you can then install. The truth is that when you have enough public power supply to your home, your set up can easily save you 20,000 a month of generator fuel. That's 100k in 5 months. 200k in 10 months.

If you need to talk to someone about the power solution that will work for you, you can send us an email using our contact form or reach us through any social media channel that we are on.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

2 printers to satisfy your home office needs.

August 31, 2017 0
2 printers to satisfy your home office needs.

Left: HP LaserJet MFP 130A, right: HP OfficeJet 7110
HP OfficeJet 7110 Wide Format ePrinter & HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130a are two hot new spanking printers from HP suitable for home and small office use.

HP LaserJet MFP 130A

The 'MFP' in 130A stands for multi function printer. It means the machine can print, scan and copy. The 130A is actually the base model and the cheapest in the family. 130FN comes with fax and network capability and it's more expensive.

I like this printer because users are more used to getting small laserjet printers without scanning and copy functions but this changes the game. You can get all the other specs of this machine by googling the name. It also uses the 17A toner cartridge and 19A drum

OfficeJet 7110

On the other hand is a small photo printer for small businesses and individuals that want to print crisp looking photos and bright colours. According to HP website, you can "do more in-house with this affordable, reliable HP ePrinter. Create professional-quality marketing materials from postcard size to A3+. Share the performance with wireless networking and the ability to print from virtually anywhere."

The ink used by this printer is 933 and is readily available. 

Need to get any of these printers? Send us an email here.

Get latest drivers for your laptop or PC after a clean install without formatting.

August 31, 2017 0
Get latest drivers for your laptop or PC after a clean install without formatting.

Have you ever formatted a laptop or desktop only to find out that some of the drivers are missing after installing the operating system? Or worse, you do not have Internet or DriverPack to help you get the needed driver?

Well it has happened to me in a combination of scenarios. There's a possible way out. 'Possible" because there's a chance that this can fail. Now, disclaimer out of the way, this is a way to provide you with options and should not be used as the way to go for driver only.

If you happened to reinstall your Windows 10 without formatting the main partition or drive (which had the previous installation), then the drivers that worked previously will still be on your machine and you can still use them.

Drivers are stored in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository for Windows 10. All you need to do is to go to Device Manager by pressing the Windows key + X and the power user menu will come up. Select Device Manager. In Device manager window, locate the driver you want to install and right click.

Choose Update driver 

Then select the second option:

You can now point the installer to the location where you had the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository under Windows.old folder in C:\ drive. Remember after reinstalling Windows, the previous installation will be saved in Windows.old in the C drive as long as you didn't format the hard drive before reinstalling. So now your FileRepository will be under C:\Windows.old\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository

I hope this helps. Well, if this fails, get the latest version of DriverPack or connect your device to a reliable internet source and download the missing driver.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Samsung J5 Prime is a Great Phone.

August 30, 2017 0
The Samsung J5 Prime is a Great Phone.
Samsung J5 Prime 2016

You are probably here because you are in the market for a new phone and you are checking out what people think about the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

In a nutshell, it's a great phone.

I know because my wife has been using one for about 5 months now. At the beginning I was going between a Huawei and this Samsung phone but the clincher was that she wanted a Samsung product and the Huawei missing an important spec (I forget now what it was).

At the price point, the J5 Prime comes packed. We all know where to get phone specs - so I am not going to repeat them in details here. Check if you want more. But here are a few things that makes me give it a 4 star:

Build quality and size
This phone feels like premium in your hand. It doesn't feel overly large and it doesn't threaten to slip out of your palms. The material used is actually metal not the cheap plastic in the 2015 edition.

Corning Gorilla Glass
It's always a good thing to get an moderately expensive phone with this feature. Not that it won't break when it drops from a significant height but scratches and minor falls will be taken care of by the extra toughened glass.

Long lasting battery
My wife moved from an Infinix Zero (first edition) to this phone. So you can imagine her surprise when she went through the whole day without needing to recharge the phone. The battery can easily take an average phone usage the whole day and then some. Very important.

The fingerprint scanner (Samsung was generous with this feature!)
Now that most apps are beginning to incorporate fingerprint sign in, it is a great feature to have. It's better than keeping tabs on which password or pin you used. I would suggest not to use it for your banking apps though. We don't want someone moving your money while you sleep by touching your thumb while unconscious.

Good RAM and ROM sizes
I tell people, don't buy an android phone with less than 2GB of RAM or 16GB of memory. That's exactly what this phone comes with. And especially with Samsung making it difficult to make your SD card part of the internal memory (like stock Android does from 6.0), it's imperative to steer clear from 8GB phones.

So these are the reason I like the J5. What are yours?

Don't know where to get the genuine Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2016 edition? Send me a message on any of the social media channels or send me an email here.